Daily Lost and Found Monitoring

We are respectfully submitting for your information and reference the list of Lost and Found items from North Avenue Station to Taft Avenue Station. The given list is updated daily for the benefit of the general public.

StationName/DescriptionNo.Date FoundStatus
Ayala Avenue1 S&R eco bag w/ assorted clothes in a violet eco bag24-00182 Jan 2024Unclaimed
CubaoEyeglass24-05453 Feb 2024Unclaimed
GuadalupeBrown envelope w/ documents 24-00162 Jan 2024Unclaimed
GuadalupeBeep card and Timezone ID 24-00172 Jan 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenueGray plastic water tumbler24-00192 Jan 2024Unclaimed
CubaoOSCA ID of E*** M*** B****24-05443 Feb 2024Unclaimed
CubaoSenior Citizen ID 24-00102 Jan 2024Unclaimed
OrtigasNavy blue coin purse w/ 1 pc. pearl earing and coins of ₱ 44.95 only24-00152 Jan 2024Unclaimed
Cubao1 Black coin purse w/ cash ₱ 86.75 only ₱ 20.00 serial number AB569245 ₱ 66.75 (coins)24-00082 Jan 2024Unclaimed
CubaoBeep card w/ remaining value of ₱ 73.0024-00092 Jan 2024Unclaimed
CubaoKnitted sweater (army green)24-00112 Jan 2024Unclaimed
CubaoSuper 8 container w/ cover (red) w/ grocery items 24-00132 Jan 2024Unclaimed
CubaoNavy blue jacket24-00122 Jan 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenuePaper bag gray w/ foods and clothes inside (foods to dispose after 24hrs.)24-00202 Jan 2024Unclaimed
Ayala AvenueTumbler (yellow)24-05412 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenueTumbler (purple)24-05432 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenueBlack wallet containing P516. 35, assorted cards pesos with police ID of J***** C**** C*****24-05422 Feb 2024Unclaimed
CubaoPail w/ cover (members value) w/ puregold ecobag of grocery items (noodles, coffee and can goods) and old blanket24-00142 Jan 2024Unclaimed
North AvenueEyeglass (pink)24-05101 Feb 2024Unclaimed
North AvenueLadies watch24-05111 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Quezon AvenueDigital Health Certificate of J**** A***24-05121 Feb 2024Unclaimed
KamuningOSCA ID of J**** A* N******24-05131 Feb 2024Unclaimed
KamuningWater Tumbler (grey)24-05141 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Cubao1 pc. Car Key (red)24-05151 Feb 2024Unclaimed
CubaoChild sandal left foot (beige)24-05161 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Shaw BoulevardSmall plastic pouch with assorted cards and OSCA of G**** D*** R****24-05171 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Shaw BoulevardBlack wallet with P50.00 peso - CP394734 and P9.00-peso coins 24-05181 Feb 2024Unclaimed
OrtigasCompany ID of J**** Y* A******24-05191 Feb 2024Unclaimed
MagallanesPhil Health & TIN ID of B****** A**** B*******24-05201 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Taft Avenue1pc Black left bluetooth24-05211 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenueSchool ID of A***** B* S*****24-05221 Feb 2024Claimed
Taft AvenuePWD ID of A**** P****** S* R*****24-05231 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenueMuntinlupa Care Card of F* D**** V*********24-05241 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenueBlue bag with assorted items24-05251 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Taft AvenueSilver Thermal Tumbler24-05261 Feb 2024Unclaimed
North AvenueCoin purse with 3 keys, medicine and P176.0024-05272 Feb 2024Unclaimed
North AvenueOSCA ID of J**** V******** C********** A****24-05282 Feb 2024Unclaimed
North AvenuePOSTAL ID of S***** D**** L****** R****24-05292 Feb 2024Unclaimed
North AvenueCompany ID of G****** T****24-05302 Feb 2024Unclaimed
North AvenueSchool ID of R*** J*** T* O******24-05312 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Quezon AvenuePOSTAL ID & Alumni card of J**** L****** D* P**24-05322 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Quezon AvenueConcessionary Beep Card of S****** A* (****24-05332 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Quezon AvenueStandard Beep Card (6378050070098110)24-05342 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Quezon AvenueEyeglass24-05352 Feb 2024Unclaimed
CubaoPOSTAL ID of J*** H***** C***** G*****24-05362 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Shaw BoulevardGreen Eco Bag with charger, clothes, ID lace, facemask24-05372 Feb 2024Unclaimed
GuadalupeOSCA ID of J***** E* M*******24-05382 Feb 2024Unclaimed
Ayala AvenueBunch of Keys24-05392 Feb 2024Claimed
Ayala AvenueDriver’s License of M*** S******** N***** S******24-05402 Feb 2024Unclaimed
OrtigasPWD ID of H******** D********24-05463 Feb 2024Unclaimed

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